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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Server available at Digital Software  Market will allow you to create the most complex databases and process all of your data needs. Microsoft’s industry leading software will allow your business to handle the most important data with ease, and also will allow you import and structure data from the various platforms of database templates. The most affordable way to get sql, this option is great for small (1 – 30) users or devices.

Be able to import data from Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel in either formats of CSV or standard XLSX, and restructure that data to your preference of database requirements. As the leader in structural data integrity, Microsoft provides the most comprehensive of data tools within the suite of SQL Server 2012 Standard.

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Available at Digital Software Market with an instant license, Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2012 can tackle all your data requirements by letting you create databases as complex as you need for your situation. With Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2012, you and your organization can easily handle all data as well as import and structure data from different platforms of database templates.

With its comprehensive set of data tools within the suite of SQL Server 2012 Standard, Microsoft gives you flexibility and power. You can import data from Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel in CSV or standard XLSX formats and restructure the data the way you want for your database.


SQL Server 2014 accelerates reliable, mission critical applications with a new in-memory OLTP engine that can deliver on average 10x, and up to 30x transactional performance gains. For Data Warehousing, the new updatable in-memory columnstore can query 100x faster than legacy solutions. SQL Server also delivers peace of mind as the most secure database five years in a row. (National Institute of Standards and Technology Comprehensive Vulnerability Database 4/17/2013, Market share from IDC 2013)

Faster insights on any data:Get to insights faster with a complete BI platform that speeds up how you access, analyze, clean and shape both internal and external data. With SQL Server 2014 and Power BI for Office 365, it is easy to connect every user in an organization to the right data they need to make better decisions, faster.

Platform for hybrid cloud:SQL Server 2014 was designed to work in a hybrid environment that spans on-premises and the cloud and has new tools that make it even easier to build back-up and disaster recovery solutions with Microsoft Azure. These tools provide an easy on-ramp to the cloud for on-premises SQL Server databases, enabling customers to use their existing skills to take advantage of Microsoft’s global datacenters.


NOTE: This is a Core Based License – CALS are not required. Unlimited users can connect to your server as much as your hardware can support.

Get faster data management and improved security with Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

SQL Server 2016 provides improved availability and greater scalability.

Transform data and deliver actionable insight with modern reports.

Utilize open-source R integration for advanced analytics.

Some of the new capabilities of SQL Server 2016:

    Build intelligent, mission-critical applications

    Break free from Oracle

    Always Encrypted

    Real-time operational analytics

    In-database analytics


    And much much more. Check on the Internet, it has hours of reading about SQL Server 2016.